A good photograph is much more than excellent technique. It is art, capable of capturing the essence of a unique moment in time. A sensitive take on the situation must be balanced with a clean and creative composition. This form of gentle magic can be found in our series of portraits and documentary photographs.

A wedding day is a beautiful event that every one of us wants to take as much as possible from and incorporate into regular days. Family traditions, unrepeatable moments and the celebratory atmosphere that flows through everyone in attendance make every wedding a unique and original event.
We know that you want to have the perfect wedding. You can rely on us to do everything to ensure you get it. First we’ll get to know your expectations for that special day, help choose a suitable location for the photo shoot and agree on all of the other details. We’d also be happy to provide our team of makeup artists and hair stylists if you decide to entrust us with your final styling. If you decide for stylized wedding photographs in your photo shoot, we’d be happy to agree on a photo shoot date on a day other than your wedding day.

We generally prefer natural poses and relaxed moments in family photographs over forced positions and poses. We can do a photo shoot anywhere you feel comfortable: be it at your home or in another favourite place. If you don’t have an exact idea, we’d be happy to help you choose a location.
The duration of every photo shoot is individual (max 2 hours). We are primarily concerned with making sure you feel relaxed during the photo shoot and that you are satisfied with the results.

Results: After finishing your wedding or family photo shoot, we’ll send you a password to our online gallery where you’ll have access to all of the photos in web (lower) resolution formats. You can share these photos with your family and friends and together you can select those you like most. The selection of your photos will then be edited and within approx. 3 weeks delivered to you on a DVD in a high resolution.

If you would like to get your own album, we can create wedding or other albums for you and your family.


A book of photographs which is graphically prepared by us and printed.

Gift voucher

A photo can become an original gift for your family and friends.