Children’s art book

I’m sure you have come across this situation before. The Birthday or Nameday of your close are coming and your children would like to give grandma, granddad, auntie or uncle their drawings. As an ideal present could be a children’s book with drawings. Not only you can make a nice afternoon with your children while creating it but this way the drawings will not get lost and the book will remain as a nice memory.

What we will need

  • Children’s drawing
  • Cardboard as a cover for the book
  • Wax pencils
  • India ink
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Punch
  • Bulldogs (big pins)
  • String

Action steps

  • A3 cardboard fold in half
  • The front page colour with wax pencils
  • Paint with India ink and leave it to dry thoroughly
  • Engrave the drawing with dedication on it
  • Put the children’s drawing into the folder
  • Clip the bulldogs from three sides
  • Create holes with punch
  • Put the string through the holes and tie it tightly